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Industrial shot blasting and degreasing

Odlings MCR Ltd have a long established history of supplying industrial cleaning equipment to industries worldwide. Our shot blasters and degreasers have been used in workshops for over 35 years. If you have any requirements for cleaning equipment please contact us to discuss them.

Automatic shotblasters

Our range of Rotoblasts are ideal for removing rust from any metal part. They are used extensively in the automotive industry and have always been the workhorse of any workshop

Manual shotblast cabinets

Our manual shotblasters are ideal for removing paint and rust from any  metal component. Surface finishing has never been simpler.

Aqueous degreasing washers

Our washers are ideal for removing oil and grease from components. A quick cycle will leave them clean, dry and ready for repair. Used extensively in all aspects of automotive and aerospace industry.

Automatic shot blaster
Manual shot blaster
Industrial degreasing washer
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