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Mobile blasting and dustless blasting units.

When it is not possible to remove a headstone from site and additional engraving is required you need a mobile blaster.

Odlings MCR have two different types of system.

The Odlings MCR trailer blast

The Odlings MCR trailer blast can be towed by a vehicle to the site. Once there the petrol driven Honda motor will power a built in compressor. Using an air line the compressor then powers a portable blasting pot which can be used to engrave the same way as in a cabinet.

The trailer comes ready and road legal. It has a storage compartment large enough to contain the blasting pot, bags of media and room spare for other items required. To protect from bouncing grit we have designed a see through Perspex sheet complete with protected arm sleeves

Dustless blasting

Odlings MCR Ltd can also supply dustless mobile blasting pots. The blasting nozzle is surrounded by a brush and vacuum. The spent blasting media is instantly vacuumed back in to the extraction system rather than being spread around the site. The media is then recycled back in to the blasting pot for reuse.

If you are looking for a shot blaster please contact Odlings MCR to discuss your requirements.

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