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MasonArt software and plotter

Designed by masons for masons. Odlings MCR are able to offer a complete package for anyone wanting to design, edit or create fantastic designs for headstones.

MasonArt is the leading software package in memorial engraving design, it allows the user to scan in an image, edit and print it on to a stencil. The wide range of features allows the operator to put almost any design they want on to a headstone.

It comes complete with over 1500 ready to plot designs. Including church windows, angels, crosses, roses and military emblems. In addition to those there are 100 of the most popular mason fonts and advanced text editing features.

With MasonArt software we provide full training for one person and our specialists will always be on hand to help you through any problems or to answer any questions. We ensure you are confident and happy to use the software.

When coupled with a stencil plotter, engraving complex designs has never been easier. The software is able to communicate with a stencil plotter which will easily plot the design on to the stencil.

Please contact Odlings MCR for more information on the software and plotter packages.

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