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Aqueous Aircraft Wheel & Brake
Washing Machine

Washing aviation components and wheels is a time consuming task in any workshop. Odlings MCR Ltd ODL 115 AM is designed to reduce the amount of time taken to clean any aircraft brake component or aircraft wheel.

The ODL 115 AM has both automatic and manual cleaning functions. The operator can load the washer and run an automatic cleaning cycle. If the components require further cleaning after the initial cycle, the manual hand tools can be used to complete the work. All of the time the process is contained within the machine preventing oil and dirt contaminating the workshop.

Key features

Stainless steel construction - long life span and easy to maintain

6 spray booms with jets for automatic cycle - total coverage when cleaning

4 manual hand tools - includes high pressure tools for removing stubborn stains

Viewing gauntlets, viewing glass and lighting - for operators convenience

Drainage pump - makes removing waste oil from the tank easy and safe

Full CE certification - meets all safety standards

If you are looking for an aircraft wheel and brake washer please contact Odlings MCR to discuss your requirements.

Aircraft Wheel and Brake Washing Machine
Aircraft Wheel and Brake Washing Machine
Aircraft Wheel and Brake Washing Machine
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